My online learning experience during lockdown

Kianna Lopez Swallow

It has been quite a learning experience switching to online learning during the pandemic. 

I feel that I´m more centered and concentrated when doing classes online at home, whereas when in college I can often become distracted by friends. I have fell lucky, as there are other issues with online learning that can affect many. For example, not having a computer or appropriate technology to continue learning or not having a stable internet connection. Others may also face problems at home and especially during these times, it may make it difficult for them to keep up with work, which means that students may need more support. The A Level tutors have always been on hand to give advice and support where needed.

Here in Spain, we are an hour ahead of the UK so I move my hours around to be able to log into my classes at the appropriate time.

Lockdown in Spain is probably different to the UK or other countries but so far we have learned to deal with the worst situations, as well as learn new things at home, but most of all doing college work has helped me to keep busy and motivated.

Alongside my studies I have aslo been gardening and planting different types of vegetables. I've also been doing an online fitness class and now that we are able to do exercise outdoors, I've been able to go out on my scooter!